Gold - 2015 - National Advertising Challenge - Nabob - Wild card

Oh Henry! - Professional Grandpa Sweaters - 2016

Every summer, some people chill their chocolate to keep it from melting. But what about winter? We came up with a hand-made way for Oh Henry! fans to keep their bars nice and warm.

Koodo - Clay Tabador - 2012

Koodo - Clay Tabador - Rough WIP Claymation - 2012

Oh Henry! - Two Four - 2017

With the sheer number of brands talking about Canada's 150th birthday, Oh Henry! decided that focusing on the nation’s pride and history was a sure way to get lost in the clutter. Instead, we focused on something that Canadians would actually be thinking about when it comes to celebrating the nation’s birthday: beer.

Case Study

OLV - Crack A Wrapper

After launching the 2-4 we gave them away in the beer section of various ontario grocery stores.

Freedom Mobile - Happy Everything Everyone - 2021

Freedom Mobile - Soup, Salad and Breadsticks - 2021

Carteblanche - SiriusXM - 2015

Marketing Awards - The Optimized Marketing Awards - 2019

Industry award shows aren’t universally loved. Some say they’re too long, or boring, with too many speeches and not enough drink tickets.

So to make the 97th Marketing Awards stand out, we optimized the whole show. The Optimized Marketing Awards fixed common pain points, especially winners’ speeches, which were given a short time limit.

To create awareness, we sourced existing (and meandering) speeches from 3 industry legends and recut them to fit humorously into our time limit, all under $1000.

Oh Henry! - Don't waste your hunger :30 - 2019

Oh Henry! - Belated Instagram Launch - 2018

In 2018, Oh Henry! asked us to launch their Instagram 7 years after the service was introduced, with a whopping budget of $0. So using the free-est stock photos we could find, we launched @OhHenryCanada by catching up all the trends we ever missed.

Koodo - Going Up - 2014

Campbell's - We All Soup - 2015

Budweiser - Bud Stage - 2018

When the opportunity arose to take over one of Canada's most iconic outdoor venues owned by main competitor Molson, the brand saw both the chance to give the long-neglected venue the complete makeover it deserved, and the risk of being perceived as the big bad American company taking over a venue owned by a Canadian brew. We had to make the whole experience undeniably bigger, faster, better and longer.

For our approach, we looked to the beer itself. Budweiser is the industry's only major brewer that Beechwood ages every drop of beer over 28 days, a statement of the brand's commitment to quality that's existed since 1876. So we set out to apply the same level of care, craft and attention to detail to the fan experience, leading to the most successful year since the venue's 40+ year history.

Reese - OOH - 2019

2015 - National Advertising Challenge - TD - Digital

Oh Henry! - How To Make a Homemade Oh Henry! - 2017

The internet’s obsessed with Tasty videos and DIY recipes. So we created a recipe video that shows Oh Henry! fans the best way to make their favourite bar at home: by not making it at all.

The video racked up almost 2 million views of Facebook.

Oh Henry! - Photoshop Battle - 2017

Giving the internet free reign with your branding. What could go wrong?

2014 - National Advertising Challenge - Bullseye - Mobile

Oh Henry! - Canadian Tuxedo - 2017

If you’re going to eat a limited edition Oh Canada! bar, you might as well do it in denim.

2015 - National Advertising Challenge - Yamaha - Big ideas

Burger King - Spice Things Up :30 - 2012

Oh Henry! - Things You Don't Love - 2017

Kraft Salad Dressings - A Recipe for Zack Danger Brown - 2016

Koodo - Bigalyzer - 2013

Kraft Dressings - Happy Accidents - 2013

Molson Canadian - Road Hockey Revenge - 2007

What do you do as a Canadian when a stranger talks trash about your favourite beer? Why you tie them up to a goal post and start taking shots. This online game starts right where the TV campaign left off. Jason Jones has been tied up to a hockey net and you're the lucky Canadian with the chance to take revenge. Hit him in different areas to score points, discover combo balls (no pun intended), and hidden bonuses before the time runs out.

Koodo - Fly :20 - 2013

TELUS - Your Status is Epic - 2010

Oh Henry! - Cradled :15 - 2017

Kraft Dinner - SuperDraw

To engage Kraft Dinner fans online, we surprised them with the chance to be immortalized as a cheesy superhero created just for them. We took requests on the fly and turned around over 100 pieces of personalized content in just a couple short hours.

Silver - 2015 - National Advertising Challenge - TD - Digital

Koodo - Mobile Mobile Charging Station - 2014

Being stuck waiting for your phone battery to charge sucks. So to show people that Koodo Mobile is always looking for ways to have their backs, we created the Mobile Mobile Charging Station – the charger that follows you (in a totally non-creepy way). And ironically, it's all free of charge.

2015 - National Advertising Challenge - Yamaha - Big ideas

Koodo - Fish :10 - 2013

Oh Henry! - Introducing Our New Packaging - 2016

We wanted convenience store owners to be as excited as we were about our new packaging. At the very least, we succeeded in making them mildly uncomfortable.

Koodo - Bigfoot :10 - 2013

Oh Henry! - 32 Guys Named Henry Eating An Oh Henry! in 360 - 2016

If you’ve ever wanted to experience being surrounded by 32 guys named Henry eating Oh Henry!, you’re in luck.

2016 - National Advertising Challenge - McDonald's - Big Ideas

2015 - National Advertising Challenge - McDonalds - Digital TSA

Mystery Box
2007 - 2021

A Smörgåsbord of random things made in my career.

Jason is an ACD art director that joined Rethink Toronto in 2021 after stints at Anomaly and TAXI.

In tandem with his writing partner Marko Pandza, Jason has been recognized at all major award shows (merits count, right?) His work has hit #1 on Reddit as well as being featured on the top 10 list of the most viewed ads on Youtube in 2019. Jason’s work has also been featured on Terry O’Reilly’s Under The Influence podcast twice.

Jason enjoys gardening, fishing and generally being outside. At times Jason questions why he chose a career that takes place indoors.