Case Study

Oh Henry! 4:25 - Hunger Detecting Dogs

The legalization of cannabis in Canada had an unintended consequence: it forced dozens of marijuana sniffing detector dogs out of work. Their specialized skills were no longer needed.

But these dogs can detect 4:20, which means they can tell who has the munchies. Which means they could still be very useful to Oh Henry! 4:25, the bar designed for the hunger that hits 5 minutes after 4:20. We had a chance to create a whole new line of work for them.

So on 4/20/2019, we brought some professionals out of retirement.

Jason is an ACD art director that joined Rethink Toronto in 2021 after stints at Anomaly and TAXI.

In tandem with his writing partner Marko Pandza, Jason has been recognized at all major award shows (merits count, right?) His work has hit #1 on Reddit as well as being featured on the top 10 list of the most viewed ads on Youtube in 2019. Jason’s work has also been featured on Terry O’Reilly’s Under The Influence podcast twice.

Jason enjoys gardening, fishing and generally being outside. At times Jason questions why he chose a career that takes place indoors.